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The Village of Cumberland is a happening little place in the Comox Valley, about halfway up Vancouver Island. Formerly a mining town, with its seemingly endless trail system and proximity to Mount Washington, Comox Lake, and the coast, Cumberland has become a destination for recreation and lifestyle seekers.

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Cumberland  Japanese CemeteryCumberland  Japanese CemeteryLJ_20171211-_C110386LJ_20171211-_C110383LJ_20171211-_C110380LJ_20171125-BB250536-EditLJ_20171125-BB250474LJ_20171125-BB250444LJ_20171125-BB250319-EditLJ_20171125-BB259917-PanoLJ_20171125-BB259846LJ_20171103-BB038513-HDR-PanoNumber 6 Mine PlaygroundNo 6 MinePerseverance Creek PlatformBear printsEastern Block LookoutEarly fall evening in CumberlandLJ_20170920-A9200535LJ_20170920-A9200440