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I enjoy photographing sporting events of all kinds: mountain bike races, ultimate frisbee tournaments, adventure races, trail runs - you name it! This collection contains highlights from recent sporting events. Click on any of these photos to be brought to the gallery for that event.

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LJ_20140719-_7190254-2LJ_20140719-P7195072LJ_20140719-_7190024LJ_20140719-P719454312 Hours of Cumberland 2014Puntledge River PaddlefestLJ_20140524-_5240350_3080441Almost thereSykes Bridge ActionSykes Bridge ActionGutbuster Ladysmith 2014Gutbuster Ladysmith 2014LJ_20140817-_8170079LJ_20140809-_8090148-2LJ_20140809-_8090216LJ_20140907-_9070247LJ_20140907-_9070414LJ_20140920-_9200172-2LJ_20140920-P9206112